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ABOUT Young Spikes

Young Spikes, an offshoot of Spikes Asia, are dedicated to give young talent an opportunity to showcase their creativity on a global platform, Spikes Asia. National teams of young creative and media professionals from around the world are given a chance to compete against each other and win the Young Spikes title

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Shortlisted 10 teams from each category will be asked to present their work to our jury members virtually.

All the entries received will be put under screening for eligibility and a team of two participants will be selected by an independent jury appointed in India. The jury's voting will be based on predefined evaluation parameters.

The winning team will represent India at Spikes Asia Festival 2022.

The decision of the jury in all matters relating to the awarding of prizes will be final and binding.


Jury presentation:
Media – 2nd December, 2021
Intergated – 3rd December, 2021

Winner announcement:
Week of 6th December, 2021



times group young lions print competition


Electric two wheelers are the game-changer for the two-wheeler industry in India. The sales have been increasing steadily as people are warming up to purchasing e-bikes. States like UP, Maharashtra, TN have a good footprint of e-bikes. This could be because of various factors such as the government helping with the infrastructure, rising air pollution and the lower maintenance costs.


Although bikes are a common choice of transport for most Indians, e-bikes, are quite expensive compared to their fuel counterparts and there are inadequate charging stations leading to mileage anxiety and a need to plan trips accordingly.

The objective

Come up with an integrated campaign to encourage consumers to buy the e-bikes as they are good for the environment, they will help you save money in the long run as fuel is expensive in the country, the charging stations are slowly increasing in numbers and charging e-bikes is inexpensive compared to the rising fuel prices

Target audience

30 – 45-year-old men and women

Desired result

  1. A creative campaign that will help drive an increase in sales from the target group by >30%


  • Team must use a mix of all media & a minimum of 3 mediums – Print, TV, Digital, OOH, etc
  • Each team must produce a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation summarising their campaign, including how it would be launched and executed.
  • Presentation time will be 10 minutes
For any doubts or queries related to eligibility, please click on the eligibility tab on the masthead.



times group young lions media competition


Cryptocurrency was launched more than 10 years back in India. Since its launch, people are very curious about it but are not convinced about using it. This currency, unlike debit cards, credit card or any white money is not physically available to a person hence making people a little apprehensive about using it. There are a lot of advantages to cryptocurrency – unlike credit/debit card companies, there is no third party involved in transaction, payments are absolutely safe and secure, fund transfer has minimal fees.


People are apprehensive and don’t trust cryptocurrency as an investment option due to the volatility attached to it. There are also many myths around it such as - it is illegal, is used for criminal activities, it is unaffordable etc. These make people more sceptical about investing in the currency.

The objective

  1. Bust the myths around cryptocurrency
  2. Educate people on how it is a good investment option

Target audience

30 – 55-year-olds

Desired result

  1. Drive an increase in awareness and understanding of Cryptocurrency
  2. Increase investments in cryptocurrency by 300%


20 Cr.


  • Teams of two must create a media plan supported with ideas to achieve the objectives
  • Consider use of multiple mediums like print, digital, TV etc. & give a rationale for use of each medium and allocation
For any doubts or queries related to eligibility, please click on the eligibility tab on the masthead.


  • Teams will be made up of two young advertising professionals from ad agencies
  • Any two people working in a media agency or in the media department of a full service agency are eligible (Media)
  • The two members of the team should be working in the same organisation
  • Participants should be 31 years old or younger, born on or after 31st January, 1990
  • Please keep the documents as mentioned in the terms and conditions ready for verification purposes
  • It is mandatory for both the team members to be present during the final round for the virtual presentation. Absence of any of the team member will lead to disqualification of the entire team from the competition
  • One individual/team can apply multiple times under one category for this edition
  • Last date for receiving completed entries is 29th October, 2021


The 10 shortlisted teams will be asked to present their work to our jury members virtually. The winning team will receive Spikes Asia registration passes for free for winning the competition. This will be at the discretion of the management and may be modified during the course of the competition period.